Ciao to our new dealer in Italy!

Published 20th May 2017

Ciao to Casella Macchine Agricol Srl, the newest addition to Hustler accredited dealers…

Casella is the largest Agricultural Machinery company in Italy.


They have enthusiasm for Hustler Equipment products and believe it will fit in with the rest of their range. They currently have 100 staff and are very well trusted in the industry.


Casella is located at the good cattle region in the Parmesan cheese area (sounds yum)…! This location is well-known for cattle farms and they saw the opportunity for Hustler’s Chainless 2000 to be of use because it suits different types of bales that can help farmers with their cattle feeding routines which are mostly indoors.


Our team will be present on the arranged demo day soon to test the market.

Interested? You can request a demo day booked on your local farm.


About Casella 

Casella is the largest Agricultural Machinery company in Italy. Since 1954 Casella Macchine Agricole has paid attention to quality and service. Visit their website at to learn more.

Want to be a Hustler Dealer?

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