20 Years of Hassle-free Feeding Demands Another Comby Feeder

Published 28th April 2017
New Zealand

After a flawless run of 20 years with their first Super Comby, this Takaka based farm purchased his third Comby feeder wagon, this time a Super Comby EX, custom painted in the original red to match the fleet…

The newly delivered Super Comby EX matches its workmate, another Super Comby EX which commissioned in the early 2000’s, looks like it’s just a few years old and is still working every day. 



The owner was asked if he was trading his old wagon in

and the response was…

“Like hell! This is off to our smaller farm

in Motueka to live an easier life”


Their original Super Comby that was commissioned in 1997 a whopping 20 years ago was still being used every day!  After 20 years of service day-in-day-out, the quality, workmanship and the strength of these multi feeders really show through.

Purchased and commissioned in 1997 this Super Comby has already done 20 years of service. Now it's of to the runoff block for another 20 years of service-1.jpg

The latest model, custom coloured Super Comby EX 

You know a great product, when the farmer replaces a 20 year old feeder for the same unit-2.jpg

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