Hustler Sprayer Improves Farms Soil Biology

Published 5th July 2016
Pasture and Soil

Dairy farmer Lance Gillespie of Table Flat Holdings is another happy customer who owns a Hustler sprayer, a 1500 litre Fox and applies all his own liquid fertiliser, another wise move from a farmer with such experience in the game which has enabled them to substantially reduce their fertiliser costs and improve the soil biology.


The Fox is set up with a special boom design with 3 broadcast jets for an even spread of liquid fertiliser across a 21 metre swath width and an integrated recirculating 800 litre front tank giving a total capacity of 2300 litres.

The 21 metre swath is equivalent

to that of a 42 metre dry spread swath

Another saver of time, compaction and money.

The set-up of the boom allows Lance to save on contractors; with the flick of 3 taps he can go from spreading liquid fertiliser to the precision and accuracy of a standard boom for all his other general spraying needs. 

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