Fifteen Facts: What you need to know about your Hustler Bale Feeder Series (#2) – No Need To Leave The Driver’s Seat

Published 5th July 2016

We’re on to the second fun fact about your Hustler Bale Feeder!

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Isn’t it great if you could do ALL of the work injust one place? That’s right! No need to transfer to another tractor or get another machine. All the work can be done without leaving your seat!

A satisfied customer said, without the Hustler Bale Feeder, he would previously get another tractor and loader to come and lift the tough bale that would plug the processor. That is doubling your labor and effort, plus doubling the time and expense! 

With the Hustler Bale Feeder, you can get rid of the the bale stuck in the processor any time, without any more extra effort. So easy, so convenient!



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