Condor sprayer cuts spraying time in half

Published 14th August 2012
New Zealand

Richard Gifford runs a mixed farming operation of around 170 acres in sunny Marlborough. Cropping of processed peas, corn, and some general pasture, also 12 acres of onion seed, help make up the mix. Timing is a critical factor in this operation as they try to keep staff levels to a minimum. As soon as the wind drops, they want to be spraying.

Richard did a fair amount of research, “I couldn’t find what I wanted and most were horrifically expensive. My old sprayer was a homemade unit – 500l tank and a 9m boom”. Boom size was important and being able to spray at a height of 1.2 metres was high on the list. Richard contacted Williams Service Centre and enquired about the Hustler Spraysmart sprayers. The Condor 800 litre, 14 metre with fully hydraulic boom was the choice. Richard spec’d it with the induction hopper complete with container rinse (exceptionally good concept – goes well with Ag-recovery). The induction hopper also means no climbing up and down with dangerous chemicals. The twin foam marker and in-cab electric controller was also chosen. The Condor comes standard with triple suspension and the self-levelling system works a treat.

“Having a machine ready for work on the back of my MF6245 means as soon as the weather is right I can go and spray which is very important for the crops I’m doing. This unit compared with my old one would cut my spraying time in half and I reckon in 2-3 seasons it will pay for itself”.

“The first season I did 60 acres and I’m really impressed. It’s all pretty simple and that’s what I like – keep it simple stupid!”

Richard Gifford, Marlborough.