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The Gendore team come from humble beginnings, when two men named Lew Genoni and Greg Dore formed a partnership in 1948 and planted the seeds of our thriving business.

Gendore ploughed on to become Gippsland’s largest supplier of new and used farm machinery and an authorised dealer for New Holland Agriculture as well as other leading brands!  We also stock secondary cultivation equipment, spraying, seeding, grass harvesting and stock feeding machinery.

Our company’s business philosophy has remained steady and strong, based on exceptional customer service and support.

Our factory-trained staff are experienced in all facets of farm machinery and its applications, and are committed to providing that extra bit of exceptional service to ensure you have minimum downtime in your working day.

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Bale Feeders

More farmers choose Hustler than any other brand of bale feeders, processor or unroller. Because...

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Bale Handlers

Whether handling round or square, small or big bales, Hustler bale handlers, with their patented...

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Feedout wagons

Proven in the field & around the world, Hustler’s Combi feedout wagons are designed for...

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Boom Sprayers

Meet our most innovative linkage boom sprayers. Built by Hustler. Proven by you. With the...

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What customers say


“Our first Comby proved that we could feed square bales if we had to buy square bales in dry times, more than adequately, does a great job of feeding out chopped silage, but also means if we’ve got a few round bales we can throw in the wagon and feed them”

Graeme Nicholl, Fish Creek (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106
Steve Synclair X5000

“This is twice as strong or more! It’s just built to do big bales, it’s designed for that kind of weight we’re throwing into them nowadays”

Steve Synclair, Stony Creek (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“as it‚Äôs feeding over the top you can see that the main part of the bale just wants to stay down, you can tell it‚Äôs not going to block.¬† Feeds out beautifully, very happy with it”

Dairy Farmer, Fish Creek (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“Nothing has compared and has been as reliable as what the Hustler has been, and we will definitely be getting a Hustler the next time we trade up”

Doug Hanks, Stoney Creek, (Australia) - Unrolla SL700X/TX205
steve synclair

“I’d buy one of these straight away, I wouldn’t hesitate”

Steve Synclair, Stony Creek (Australia) - Katipo/Applic8r 1150
Ashley Rowe_Ardrossan_Ashley Rowe 1_Mar 18

“Hustler allowed me to feed out more efficiently and save on feeding costs”

Ashley Rowe, Ardrossan (South Australia) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105
Test aus

“We brought the Hustler feedout wagon because of its simplicity and the diversity of being able to go from pit silage to round silage which was a great asset”

Trent Adams, Chatsworth House (Australia) - Super Comby EX/CM136

“The single biggest reason we chose the Comby feeder is because we only needed one machine to do it all.”

David Hurford, Katunga (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106

‚ÄúI was impressed with how it trails the grain across the top of the hay and with how much labour it takes out of the work‚ÄĚ

James Bishop, Mullaley (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106

“Our farm is quite remote so the most important thing is reliability. The Super Comby has proven to us over the past few seasons that it is the most reliable machine available”

Mark Coots, Mildura (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106
Tom wilson

“I’m really enjoying the Hustler with the ability¬†to feed bulk silage as well as round bales of hay”¬†

Tom Wilson (Australia) - Mega Comby XL/CX208

“It just makes life at least 10-15 minutes quicker every day, and there’s definitely not as much wastage”

Callumn Broomhall, Meander (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“Over the years I have purchased 4 Robertson machines. They are the strongest, most reliable, hardest working machine around. With the capability of feeding out silage, round & square bales so it also saved us capital expenditure by eliminating the need to pur

Ged, Warrnambool (Australia), Feedout wagon
Glenn Anderson

“It’s saving us half a bale a day!”¬† (25% of their feed costs.)

Glenn Anderson, Tasmania (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205
luke carr

“We buy and produce both round and square bales, so the Hustler X2500 Chainless balefeeder really suited our needs.¬† It allows us to feed both types of hay quickly and without wastage.”

Luke Carr, Comobella (Australia) - Chainless X2500/LX105
Mark Mawhood

‚ÄúWhen you run it out in a line, the cattle are able to access it.¬†The shy feeders¬†can get right up and get a feed, and we‚Äôre also¬†noticing the calves getting¬†in and feeding on the silage as well.‚ÄĚ

Mark Mawhood, Oberon (Australia) - Chainless X2400/LX104

‚ÄúThe machine has been faultless since I bought it. It enables me to get two bales of hay and silage fed out in 10-15 minutes. Then I‚Äôm back home, next to the fire and having dinner each night. It‚Äôs fantastic.‚ÄĚ

Paul Menzies, Neerim (Australia) - Unrolla SL300X/LM105

‚ÄúFrom a costing and efficiency perspective, I was a long way in front using the Hustler.‚ÄĚ

Peter Russell, Lyndhurst (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“It‚Äôs been a great machine for our farm.¬† We make 250 bales of silage each year plus I buy in hay, and it‚Äôs taken all the manual labour out of it, it‚Äôs been a great machine.¬† It saves my back, it doesn‚Äôt ache so much anymore”

Queensland (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“The machine‚Äôs been fantastic, we‚Äôve been looking around for a long time for one of these and now the drought‚Äôs come, we really needed this to feed our sheep, it‚Äôs been very convenient, and works very well, excellent.”

Sheep Farmer, Queensland (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“The feed out side of it is 100% better the way you’ve changed it”

Dairy Farmer, Cobden (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“It‚Äôs a lot smoother with how it rotates the bale. ¬†I‚Äôve tested it on hills, going up hills and down hills, whereas my old machine used to, more so coming uphill it wanted to throw the bale out of the back of the machine, out of the cradle but the X5000 keeps

Dairy Farmer, Victoria (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

‚ÄúI have to say the new Chainless X5000 bale cart is fantastic and a great improvement on the 4000, we have noticed a big difference in the amount of hay we are feeding out and reduced wastage‚ÄĚ.

Ella Anderson, University of Tasmania (Australia) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“More than impressive, it was beyond my expectation. From the extremely functional design, strength, extra features and direct benefits, ease of maintenance, performance and product finish. You have it all covered!”

Machinery Dealer (Australia) - Katipo/Applic8r 1150

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