How to use the Unrolla Snaplox

Published 15th March 2023

A quick explainer demonstrating how to best use the Snaplox auto-connection system to unwrap & load bales, then reconnect to feed out with a Hustler Unrolla mounted bale unroller.


To prepare to load a bale on a three point unrolla bale feeder, adjust the top link so the pin is centered in the slot. The safety mechanism eliminates accidental detachment when the machine is off the ground.

To disconnect the Snaplox auto-connect system, lower the machine to the ground, listening and watching for the latches to lift. Once de-latched, drive away, retaining the headstock and bale spears on the tractor, spear the bale as low as you can. Hold the bale above the cradle to remove the net wrap.

Then, lower the bale into the cradle and drive out. To connect, carefully drive towards the machine using the slightly longer spear as a gauge. Line it up exactly so the bale spears slowly into the portholes, then lift the machine off the ground.