Merino sheep farmer feeds 1,500 ewes in just 45 minutes with his Hustler Combi RX178

Published 9th September 2021

Andrew Kirk, stock manager at “Warrambeen” in Shelford, Victoria in Australia was looking for a versatile, high-capacity machine that would help them feed out both silage & bales to their 8,200 ewes. He appreciates the ease of use of their new Combi RX178 and the way it requires so little maintenance and definitely likes the fact that it saves them so much time feeding out.

“Farming was probably bred into me and there was nothing else that was ever in my sights of what I wanted to do,” Andrew said. He has been working for Warrambeen Modern Merinos for 11 years.

Andrew’s farm is located in the Golden Plains Shire, about 100 kilometres (66 miles) west of Victoria’s capital, Melbourne.

The farm spreads over 4,300 hectares, including 1,200 hectares of cash cropping (wheat, fava beans and canola) and is home to 8,200 dual-purpose Merino ewes.

Unbeatable versatility – one single wagon for any feed

In a normal year, Andrew feeds between 300-500 tonnes of silage and around 200-300 bales of hay to his ewes. He was looking for a versatile machine that could handle all those products.

The Hustler’s Combi range feeds out literally every supplementary type of feed, including all bale types, shapes and sizes and any type of loose feed that can be loaded with a loader including fine chop silage, maize silage, root-crops, vegetables and more.

“We were looking for a versatile machine that could handle all those products”

The elevator delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing the operator to feed into troughs, feedpads, bunks or open pasture without spillage. 

“I do like its simplicity and lack of moving parts and low maintenance. We can feed about 1,500 ewes to a full load and get that done in between 45 minutes to 1 hour,” Andrew said.

Reliability & Simplicity

The unique 2-speed Chainless rear floor, the introduction of greaseless components and the elimination of numerous moving parts probably make the Combi RX the most reliable feedout wagon on the market today! 

The well-proven dividing system reduces loads and stresses on drives, motors, shafts and the floor extending the working life.

The flat floor design runs seamlessly between the rear bed floor and cross floor eliminating maize silage spillage between floors, and downtime due to root crops bending bars and jamming the rear floor. 

“I do like its simplicity and lack of moving parts and low maintenance. “

High-capacity wagon

Choosing the Combi was a no-brainer for Andrew, but he needed to convince the rest of the management team and the owner. As is often the case, the best recommendations come from users themselves!

“References on Hustler’s website were actually pretty important to us, making the decision to buy this machine”

Warrambeen Modern Merinos was particularly looking for a high-capacity wagon. “We knew of the Hustler and it just happened that about the same time, they’d built a higher capacity wagon and so we were able to get a hold of one of those,” Andrew explained. Hustler renewed its Combi range in 2019 with the addition of 6 new wagons and more recently with the launch of the ginormous tridem-axle Combi RX218.

Warrambeen Modern Merinos settled their choice on the 17m3 Combi RX178, able to embark up to 8 round bales or 10 8ft-long square bales. And “It’s doing the job,” Andrew concluded. 

Andrew also equipped his tractor with a Hustler’s Swifthitch. Swifthitch provides more maneuverability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch! It’s easier to use and saves precious time. Swifthitch also has the strongest latching system providing more safety and thanks to an easily replaceable wear pad, you’ll never need to get the grinder and welder out again.

The design of the Hustler’s Combi RX range has been well thought out to avoid wasting time in the workshop. Thus, you will find standard features such as:

  • Self-aligning bearings instead of bushes for longer service intervals, more reliability and lower maintenance
  • Low maintenance elevator spillage fans reduced to the minimum number of panels in order to eliminate a maximum of wearing parts from the design
  • Axles’ central greasing station to easily and quickly access the grease points


Do you want to know more about Hustler’s Combi ranges? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!

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