Total Control Loading System on all Trailed Bale Feeders

This week host Oli Brunton demonstrates the benefits and features of the Total Control Loading System on all trailed Hustler bale feeders.


Hey guys, welcome back to this week’s episode. Today we’re going to be talking about our patented back end loader, which you can find on any of our trailed bale feeders. So the magic of this innovation is that you can use this indicator at the front to spear round or square bales at the perfect height every time. This system has total control, meaning you can cut your netting slightly above the platform and it will catch any loose feed. Also letting you gently and accurately rest your bale in the platform rather than just dumping it and wrecking your machine. Single ram innovation provides extra safety, since there are no sequence valves. Air in the hydraulic system won’t allow the bale to drop and crush the operator. Once loaded, your spears will retract out horizontally and down ready to pick up your next bale. And one of the best things about this machine is because it’s speared it’s going to be super secure during transport. As bales have got heavy over the years, Hustler has evolved and strengthened up almost every part thank you so much for watching leave a comment of what you want to see next and I’ll see you guys later.