Hustler has arrived in Finland… with a New Chainless Bale Feeder

Published 2nd April 2018

We’re excited to announce the appointment of our most Northern Dealer in the world!  Lakkapää is now an accredited dealer in North Finland…

Hustler Representative, Peter Hazell, delivering the Chainless X2400 to our New Lakkapaa Dealer 


With the conditions so extreme, with balage bales so frozen that they’re basically a 3′ diameter rock it has been one of our most challenging markets ever to satisfy the needs of the farmer. The Hustler team has worked extensively with Lakkapaa and local farmers to develop a special model variation of our proven Chainless X2400 bale feeder that can handle these bales which have worked extremely well. 

Take a look at what Henrik has to say about the new Chainless X2400L (Lapland Version)



The Resident Reindeer

Coming to investigate whats new in the field….


Hustler Master Dealer – Lakkapaa 

Lakkapaa, a Family Business started in 1964, was founded by Juha Lakkapää a well known Massey Ferguson and Mchale dealership with three locations across the northern tip of Finland and also a one-stop shop for everything from hardware to tractors.

Lakkapaa has years of experience and built up a strong reputation in the farming industry. They are now one of Hustlers Premium dealers and we look forward to this partnership working to solve the feeding challenges Finnish farmers have faced feeding their reindeer frozen bales. Growing the European market with our world-class bale feeding solutions that will change their everyday life.