3 Reasons why Farmers Prefer Hustlers Hose Reel Design

Published 28th March 2018
New Zealand

Now’s the perfect time to be knocking off the ugly weeds before the southern hemisphere winter sets in, and you pack away your sprayer until spring. Explore why farmers much prefer Hustler’s unique hose reel. 

Larry a share milker near Mangakino recently purchased a Katipo 1150 boom sprayer from local Hustler Master Dealer, Power Farming Te Awamutu with 12 metre hydraulic folding boom, full GPS guidance, application rate, and section controls, triple nozzle bodies to save time switching nozzles over and Hustler’s unique folding hose reel, which keep the unit compact when spraying our pasture and gives him more flexibility of use when hand gun spraying out those pesky weeds that have grown over the summer. 


The unique design of Hustler’s hose reel allows Larry to pull the hose directly out the back of the sprayer and out to the side. This saves a huge amount of time when winding up the hose. 

With all these benefits you just can’t go wrong with adding a Hose reel to your Katipo Sprayer which is proving to be saving farmers some serious time:

The Benefits:
  • Built in reel lock – stops hose unwinding, or dragging on the ground when not in use and traveling along lanes and to/from paddocks.
  • Folding design – saves the farmer time and hassle, when winding up the reel and allows spraying out the back or off to the side being versatile and can be positioned separately in either direction providing more flexibility of use
  • The hose reel arm has a built in gun/lance holder which suits almost any type of spraying gun, and huge pins for longevity keeping the gun sprayer secure during transport
  • The unique hose reel, is designed to fit any Hustler sprayer, both with or without booms and operate in both the folded and unfolded positions
  • Available in 30, 50 or 100 metre hose lengths, and a choice of spray guns to suit your needs. Making it easier to go long distances away from the tractor if needed.
  • Range of nozzle sizes to suit the volume and throw you need to get into those difficult to reach areas

  30m reel.jpg  20170828_125835-1.jpg

See how Hustler’s unique hose reel design works: 

When we delivered Larry’s new Katipo sprayer, with nothing but the little 80 Hp yard tractor to use, he fitted it up to see how the 1150 with 12 metre boom handled the hill country spraying.