New Bale Feeder Takes a Lot of the Workload Out of Feeding Cattle

Published 5th April 2018
United Kingdom

David George from County Armagh, in Northern Ireland, runs a calf to beef system, supplying beef factories year long with cattle which consume around 200 round bales of silage each year.

Read on to see how his #hustler to reduced his workload…

David found it exceedingly time-consuming using the hand gripe for feeding his cattle. So, looking at all the solutions for feeding his cattle and in search of the best option for his operation. David came across the New Hustler SL360X bale feeder he couldn’t look back… “the best feature on the Hustler is the time saving”

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Time savings: 

Being remarkably easy to use, easy to load, and easy to unload or feed, has saved him at least half an hour every day, allowing him to get onto other jobs around the farm. 

Having had the SL360X bale feeder now for a full winter season, David is very pleased with the product and says “he wouldn’t going back to the way we were working before, as it was highly labour intensive and took a lot of time out of your day” 


“…with the Hustler, it saves us a lot of the workload

feeding cattle, and saves a lot of time and backache…”


Build quality: 

David is pleased with the reliability of the Hustler design and its patented Snaplox auto-connection system that makes loading quicker and easier. He is also impressed with the build quality, finishes, and strength of the design compared to the other options on the market. David says “We’re exceptionally happy with the Hustler’s design and build quality and would definitely recommend the product to anyone who’s looking to save time on their farm”