Telehandler Mounted Bale Feeder Adds Versatility for Horse Stud

Published 4th September 2017
New Zealand

Watch this short video to see how much of a game changer the Chainless X2500 round and square bale feeder is for this Horse Stud in the Waikato when mounted to a new Manitou telehandler… 

  • Imagine getting all your feedout done without needing to open a gate?
  • Imagine no more small square bales to pick up off the field and stack away in the barn? Then to turn around and unstack onto a trailer to feed them out?
  • Imagine being able to effectively feed your horses with high nutrition balage and dry hay? 
  • Imagine the flexibility of being able to feed both round or square bales?

After imagining all of this and having seen the potential time savings and versatility advantages the Chainless X2500 bale unroller had to offer, Gary Rogerson decided to take a demo with local Hustler, CaseIH and Manitou Dealer, Giltrap Agri Zone to try it out for himself. 


Time Saving

A demo of the Chainless X2500 on a new Telehandler for this horse stud proved a game changer, allowing the operator to run up the central laneway and reach over the fence into each paddock and deliver the exact amount of balage required for each group of horses without leaving the comfort of the drivers seat. This substantially cut the time it took for feeding out. 


Fresh Silage

Horses can be picky with their feed and rightly so, as feeding them bad quality forages, especially mouldy hay, can prove fatal. This makes it very important when feeding balage to horses to feed fresh and high quality forages. By using the Chainless X2500 bale unroller enabled this stud to distribute small daily portions of the bale into each paddock ensuring silage is fresh and doesn’t deteriorate.


Here’s a helpful resource on supplement feeding horses


The Chainless bale feeder also enabled them to tease apart dry hay bales into a fluffed up pipe in the stable, making it much easier to pitch fork around and no need to break it down or tear it apart. And it provided them with the option of teasing bales apart directly onto a trailer, should they need to take some down the road, or when friends wanted some and the hay is ready to feed out. 


The Chainless X2500 bale feeder, is the only round and square bale feeder that comes loader ready, thanks to its patented Snaplox self-loading system which has transformed the loading operation for 3 point hitch and loader mounted bale feeders. 

Watch the video to see it in action