Loading Round or Square Bales a breeze with new Chainless X2500

Published 17th November 2016
Australia New Zealand United States

The new design of the Chainless X2500 coupled with the patented Snaplox hands-free auto connect/disconnect loading system, makes loading any bale quick and easy. 

Snaplox caught the attention of the world’s best farmers earlier in the year when it was first introduced on our innovative SL360X bale feeder. It simplified farmers’ lives so much that we decided to include it on the key features list of the new Chainless X2500. As a result the X2500 is very quick and simple to load, with safety features to eliminate unwanted disconnection. 

A special thanks all the development farmers

Farmers located in New Zealand, Australia and America helped us develop this winning new formula and from over 55 years’ of experience in developing farm equipment, one thing you can be very sure of, is that you know you’re onto a real winner when a farmer’s wife doesn’t want to let go of a machine and that’s exactly the experience the development team had from one our testers…


“Absolutely love the new feeder, my wife

wanted to weld it to the tractor!”



Operation is super simple and eliminates strained backs or necks associated with tugging on a rope. 

To disconnect the headstock and loading tynes from the feeding cradle:

  1. Lower the platform – unlatching system activated, for safety Snaplox does not disconnect until machine is on the ground. 
  2. Lower the machine to the ground – once firmly on the ground Snaplox releases. And you’re free to drive away leaving the feeding cradle behind.

To connect the headstock and loading tynes to the feeding cradle:

  1. Reverse in – line up tynes and back in. Unequal tyne makes it easy, only requiring the operator to line up one tyne.
  2. Connected – For safety once firmly back in Snaplox automatically connects without needing to lift platform or machine. And you’re free to drive away leaving the feeding cradle behind.
  3. Feedout – Lift the bale feeder and drive way. As the operator lifts the platform to feed out, the safety mechanism disables Snaplox for safety whilst feeding out. 

Take a look at how simple it is in this video


More about the Chainless X2500

The Chainless X2500 is based on the proven feeding system of the Chainless X5000, which has gained a massive following in the New Zealand and Australian market already over the past 2 years, but being a 3-point-linkage mounted bale feeder, it offers more manoeuvrability, a solution for smaller farms, and those operating on steeper country is where it comes into its own.

In fact, it’s the only 3 point linkage mounted bale feeder that reliably feeds out any bale shape or type of bale without jamming, blocking or plugging. And the only bale feeder on the market to handle square bales, that can be loader mounted.  It’s Revolutionary…