More bang for your buck Part 4: Save Time

Published 15th November 2016
Pasture and Soil


Hustler eliminates the need for a separate trip to the field and additional equipment for your farm operation. This saves you time, equipment and fuel. 

Katipo has a modular design and can have optional time savers fitted as and when you like or your budget fits.

Katipo is also loaded with practical features that help you get the job done quicker such as quicker tank emptying, a deep sump that lets you spray on steep terrain, a ViziGaugeTM that is visible from the tractor seat and the ground, optional QuickFlushTM kit that lets you clean the sprayer in less than a minute, a toolbox that is quickly accessible with plenty of room for spare nozzles, filters and the controller when you park it in the shed.

Truly time efficient.


*Source: National Competitive Research Analysis August 2016


You don’t want hassle or wasted time. That’s why we’ve incorporated more innovative time-saving and ease-of-use features into the Katipo than any other sprayer on the market.

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Katipo’s unique features

  • Low tank profile = safer, and easier filling
  • Coupleup = quicker connection to more water sources
  • Adjustable valve mount = More convenient operator environment
  • Visigauge = more accurate filling
  • Chassis design = less downtime
  • Linkage plate = quicker, easier connecting
  • Skid plate = less downtime
  • Tank drain = quicker, safer clean up
  • Deep sump = no downtime in steep terrain
  • Toolbox & hand wash = convenience and safety
  • Largest opening = easier, faster tank cleanout
  • Slickfit = more compatibility, and scalability

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More Katipo Features here.

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What customers are saying about Katipo?

“The new Katipo range could have been aptly named the Smart Sprayer range, because of its simplicity and the fact it was designed with the Kiwi farmer in mind. It’s also been developed and tested to a very high standard with no leaf left unturned. I was very impressed with the looks and features of this machine”

Farm Trader test, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Katipo 1150

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Why a Hustler?

Hustler has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. We combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks. All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, when they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.

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