Chainless Bale Processor Feeds Tight Squares with Ease!

Published 4th September 2017
New Zealand

As balers are packing more and more into each bale, bales are becoming tighter which makes feeding them out a challenge for traditional chain type bale unrollers. Take a look at how the X Series Chainless bale feeders fare…

Square balers in particular are pushing the boundaries, with bale densities of the newly released Krone high speed, 8 knotter reaching over 1 tonne which is great for baling, saving time during harvesting, handling, storage and transport. Thankfully for farmers buying in these ultra tight bales, Hustler’s development process involved extensive trialling and testing of the tightest of both square bales, and tight centred round bales. Hustler even went as far as developing the X Series Chainless Bale Processors to handle frozen bales in both round and square. 


“X Series Chainless Bale Processors were developed

and are proven to process frozen bales”


The Chainless X5000 processing tight square bales!



Watch the Chainless X5000 feeding a frozen bale, even without removing the strings!!