Comby Spread, Mineral Spreader Now Available to Fit Any Feeder

Published 16th August 2017
Combi CM/CX/RX

Hustler has just released the patented technology of the Comby Spread, as an aftermarket kit to fit onto any type of feeder, be it a bale unroller, bale processor, silage wagon, combi feeder or multi-feeder…

Farmers have been asking for a simple system to accurately apply Causmag or Lime flour in the feed windrow to combat grass tetany/grass staggers, and to ensure a safe work environment for employees without having to invest in a new silage wagon especially during the stressful period post calving.

Grass tetany can be very costly, as one Australian livestock farmer found when the disease cost him almost $50,000 worth of cattle . Grass tetany is caused by a deficiency in nutrients such as magnesium and calcium and cattle are most susceptible post calving. It’s during this period when everyone on the farm is busy, tired and stressed out, so by adding the Comby Spread to the feedout wagon, reduces the risk of injury at a period when staff are most fatigued, and saves a substantial amount of time. 


The patented Comby Spread accurately places a regulated amount of causmag, magnesium, lime flour or minerals directly on top or beside the windrow of feed. This eliminates the need for staff to climb onto the feed wagon to spread the mineral throughout the load or the time it takes to make an extra pass in the field with a mineral spreader. 

The new design is now available as a kit, which can be fitted to most bale feeders, silage wagons or comby feeders, whichever brand you run. 

Comby Spread (3)-613336-edited.jpg

It has an adjustable flow regulator dial, which allows the operator to adjust the feed rate to suit, and the stainless steel chute can be adjusted in any direction and locked in place so you can place the mineral either on top of the feed row or beside it. Built in is an electrically powered fan which blasts the powder down the chute to reduce clumping, eliminate blocking and to ensure the mineral is blasted into the feed reducing waste. The design is water and moisture proof, so minerals can be stored without getting wet.

Take a look at the Comby Spread in action on Hustler’s Chainless X5000 bale processor


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