Bale Feeder Saves Farmer Time and Eliminates Big Clumps at Feedout

Published 14th August 2017
New Zealand

Warick Harwood’s dairy farm in Takaka is just 55 hectares and he is milking 120 cows. Having managed the operations of a local hay & silage contractor find out why he chose the Chainless X5000 bale feeder for his farm…

Warick first set out looking for a new bale feeder more than two and half years ago. Having farmed in Golden Bay are for some 30 years, and being an Operations Manager of the local contractor for the past 5 years, he’d seen and experienced many Chainless 4000 round & square bale feeders on the farms which the contracting business took him to. But he wasn’t fully convinced on the Chainless system, but wanted to give the new X series Chainless system a try to see if it really made the difference his local Hustler Field Consultant was telling him. 

2017-07-27 13.25.19.jpg

Two years later, after an on-farm demonstration with some very challenging bales he had stored away for the demo Warick ended up buying a Chainless X5000 bale processor. We caught up with Warick after he’d run the bale feeder for a most of the season to see how he thought it had performed during the season, Warick is absolutely rapt with his decision, and glad that Hustler’s field consultant kept in touch for nearly 2 years and encouraged him to wait for the new X5000 even though it cost a bit more.


“I’m 100% sure it’s the best investment

I’ve made this season


Warick makes some 300 bales each season, about half are round film-on-film balage bales of lucerne which are made on farm, and his dairy herd stays on the farm all year round. Warick also makes and feeds out big 6 string square straw bales, and medium square hay bales, all fed out with the one feed out cart

Hear what Warick has to say: