Tough Softhands With Float Make The Difference For Contractor

Published 7th June 2017
New Zealand

Codd Contractors, based in Puketapu Hawkes Bay, own four Hustler Softhands, each handling over 3000 bales per season. Read on to see why Dave chooses Hustler…


We’re using them on JBC telehandlers and a fleet of Claas tractors, they work all over Hawkes Bay. Codd’s first set of Softhands was the original straight arm Mega, have handled 100’s of thousands of bales over the last 15 years and are still going strong. Dave Codd says “Hustler Softhands are strong and require low maintenance to get years of work from them.”


“My 15-year-old Softhands will

probably out-last me.” – Dave Codd


He also comments “the latest model with a floating equaliser bar makes the grabs easier to use.” The patented floating equaliser combines the benefits of simultaneously moving hands of a true equaliser, with the benefits of hands with one side fixed or locked with a removable pin and the benefits of sprung centerising hands into one unit, and the great thing is you never need to leave the tractor cab to put in locking pins or remove an equalising bar. It just works!