Hustler bale feeders on Show at Agrama in Switzerland

Published 1st December 2016

Thanks to Zurich based Hustler Dealer, Agrar-Service for exhibiting the Hustler range at Agrama 2016, Switzerland’s leading trade fair for agriculture. Agrar-Service a small family business and Claas dealership founded in 2007, is headed up by Lukas Burger, with his wife supporting on various duties in the business…

With more than 50,000 people attending the most important Swiss agricultural machine show, both Hustler and Agrar-Service were pleased with the results, and the huge amount of interest there was, especially in the all new SL360X bale feeder. Peter Hazell, Hustler’s European Field Consultant was on hand to help Lukas field all the enquiries, but they had enough of a breather to snap this shot of the Burger family – the key to Agrar-Service success! 


A lot of interest was received from both German and French speaking regions, and Lukas’ wife is a great help to the business helping with marketing, and any translation required for the brands they sell. 



The friendly Agrar-Service team



Hustler SL360X chain bale feeder 

The SL360X is the newly revised version of the world-wide SL350.

Thanks to the new bale chamber, the feeding chamber is now also suitable as a distributor for corn or grass silage from the Hochsilo and is the ideal tool for daily use for companies with different storage systems. The new, refined mechanism couples the headstock and loading tynes with the feeding cradle without the need for tugging on a rope. 

Watch the video to see the new SL360X in action in Switzerland


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