Agronomist Proves Fodder-beet performing well with Hustler Sprayer

Published 1st December 2016
New Zealand

South Otago Beef Farmer, Mike Symons couldn’t speak highly enough of his new Katipo 1150 Boom sprayer, having purchased it to get his fodder-beet sprayed in a timely manner, and his agronomist is rapt with the health of his crop as a result of excellent application and has already put 18,000 litres through it…


The success of fodder-beet can often come down to the timely application of the spray program, and when the weather becomes unpredictable, and the ideal conditions for spraying window becomes limited, the tonnage off the paddock can vary substantially, directly impacting your bottom-line, and that’s exactly what Mike has found, and it’s the reason he chose New Zealand’s best linkage mounted boom sprayer, a Hustler Katipo.

Mike also spec’d his sprayer with Hustler’s unique 50 metre bi-directional hose reel for his gorse spraying needs and loves having the additional capacity to get the job done. Fast.

Operating on steep country, Mike opted for a 10 metre hydraulic boom and take a look at the video to see why he decided to run with both a foam marker and GPS guidance system.  



 “It takes all the guess work out of it 

and I’d just highly recommend the machine”



Take a look at this video to see what he has to say: