Launched! Our new website for American Ranchers

Published 12th May 2016
United States

Launching today! We’ve simplified our proposition for American ranchers with our new website going live today.  


We’re helping ranchers to increase their profits by providing better conditions for their cattle to feed in, reducing feed waste, which equates to more pounds of live weight per bale. Hustler feeding system also provides many other benefits such as fuel savings, reduced pasture damage and more effective use of resources. 

Have you ever wondered why you need to feed grain with your hay? Hustler’s feeding system doesn’t destroy the grains in the bale, so your cattle can eat the grain, with no extra cost. And any that fall to the pasture germinate, growing more pasture.

Are you sick of grinding the highly nutritional leaf to powder in your Alfalfa bales? With the gentle teasing action of Hustler’s feeding system, your cattle can receive all this extra nutrition. With no extra cost.

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