Published 8th April 2016

Agriculture is an incredibly significant part of the New Zealand’s economy. The overall primary sector makes up over 72% of New Zealand’s total merchandise exports. New Zealand is also the world’s largest exporter of dairy products and lamb making food production the engine of their economy. Moreover, Kiwis pride themselves not only of the quality of their produce, but the way they are produced as well. Hence, events showcasing and celebrating innovation and awareness in the primary sector, such as Field Days Chile, is relevant and pleasingly supported.

Held on March 16 & 17, this year was another success for Field Days Chile!

Hustler participated in the event yet again through its dealer network representative, Ferosor Agrícola S.A. With live demos and a showcase of Hustler machines, the two-day exhibit was truly informative. 

According to the organizers, they have met their goals of increased attendance and increased media coverage and attendees with several local and international journalists. There were also a lot of unpaid media mentions and several radio interviews.




Although there were some sentiments about reserved spending by farmers in the South due to tough times, the agriculture sector is more motivated in providing solutions to their farming issues.

And, with over 630 million dollars worth of investments into Chile since 2007, New Zealand’s agricultural companies aspire to build more progress and develop further into Chile. Hopefully, with the help of world leaders in this field, the sector can continue this tradition of harnessing science, research and innovation.

 We hope to see you there next year!