Chilean farmer “fell in love” with his Hustler bale unroller which saves him one hour everyday!

Published 28th January 2022

Jorge Andrés Hernández Vega, owner of Canaan farm and father of four, has a very busy farm life in Chile. To keep up with the farm workload and still get some quality time to spend with his family, he recently decided to mechanise his operation. He invested in a Hustler trailed Unrolla TE205 bale unroller and… he “just fell in love with it!” Watch his video story to see why.

Canaan farm is located near Los Muermos in the Los Lagos Region (meaning Region of the Lakes in English) in southern Chile and is one of Chile’s 16 regions. Los Lagos Region economy is dominated by the service sector but based on fishing, salmon aquaculture, forestry and cattle farming. The farm benefits from an oceanic climate with an average annual precipitation of 1,762 mm (69 in). Summers are mild and winters are rainy and somewhat chilly.

Jorge started working his family’s farm with his father when he was still a child, when his father milked their dairy cows by hand. They used oxen carts to feed their cows and only recently started mechanising. He loves what he does and sees dairy farming as turning “green”, or grass, into milk. His Hustler Unrolla TX205 two bale unroller has helped speed up the process immensely.


“Now with the Hustler it takes me 20 minutes”


When a farm worker left last year, he tried to feed out “the old way by putting bales on the tip trailer and the hook” and he was only able to last two days. “No way!” he said, “If I kept doing it this way, I’d end up dead!”



That’s how Jorge decided to purchase a Hustler trailed Unrolla TE205 bale unroller. With the machine, “it takes me 20 minutes,” he explained, “Before when we did it by hand, it could take an hour and a quarter, sometimes even an hour and a half, to feed out 2 or 3 bales.”


“I basically learned how to operate it instantly – it’s really that easy!


The Hustler Unrolla TE205 has been designed for efficiency and ease of use. “What I like about the machine is that it is super practical, super easy. I basically learned how to operate it instantly – it’s really that easy!”

Nothing is really complicated about the machine as only a single-level feed control operates the whole machine. However, this ease of use is not at the expense of high quality and durability!


“The construction of the machine is super sturdy”


“The construction of the machine is super sturdy,” Jorge said. “The machine is flawless – I haven’t had any problems with it, none.”

The Hustler Unrolla TE205 embarks super strong roller chains with a combined strength of 24,000lbs, with tough 40mm x 40mm zinc-plated bars. To prevent damage when the chassis does touch the ground, the underside is completely smooth, so it slides until the wheels gain traction again. 

The chassis is also fully enclosed to prevent rust by stopping water from getting in and is built with plenty of ground clearance to minimise bellying out. The general bolted design eliminates stress cracking common with some other farm machinery.

The 6-tooth sprockets of the bale unroller are made from Bisalloy (the same material a bulldozer blade is made from) so they last forever. With smaller diameter sprockets, less torque is required to drive the chains, giving more drive power for tough bales. Designed so it is impossible for the chain to jump off the sprocket saves you downtime in the field.


“Super good, really good brand”


The Hustler Unrolla TE205 is also easy to maintain. Instead of bushes the machine is equipped with long lasting block bearings (with trash shields), mounted outboard, to keep them clean and free of damage. “In terms of maintenance, you just need to grease it once a week,” Jorge said.



The floor is made of a single sheet of thermoformed polyethylene. This material is non-corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, easily repairable and very shock resistant. It allows to get a fully enclosed bale cradle – meaning no wastage of expensive feed! And the long bed can take up to 5’ long bales.


“I loved it. I would absolutely recommend this machine”


Jorge decided to go for the trailed version of the Unrolla bale feeder (this machine exists in mounted version as well) because it is easy to hook on any tractor. The heavy-duty 360 degree forged towing eye handles the roughest terrain without causing damage to the machine. It also has an adjustable height, so that it sits level on whatever tractor.

The single post drawbar design has set the benchmark in feeder maneuverability. It is completely removable, which means that Jorge could replace it if it was wearing out without having to buy a whole new chassis. 

The Hustler Unrolla TE205 removed every bit of stress in Jorge’s life and he can focus on his true passion: “transforming green (grass) in milk!”




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