Find Out Why Virginia Rancher Converts to a Hustler Bale Feeder

Published 10th March 2016
United States

For cattle Rancher Rodger Houser of Luray, Virginia, the decision to purchase a Hustler bale feeder instead of a bale processor was easy. 

Aside from the many benefits of reduced maintenance Rodger is paying for his new Hustler X5000 bale feeder with the diesel savings alone!


“we used to have a bale processor years ago and we’d use a full tank of fuel a week when feeding and now with a bale feeder only 3 tanks of fuel for the whole feeding season!” 



Another major benefit Rodger is taking advantage of is that because his Hustler feeder can feed out baled silage (wrapped high moisture bales) without any hassle, he no longer needs to add grain to supplement the dry hay, because the high moisture bales have all the nutritional balance the cattle require for a complete supplementary feed.

This not only reduces the capital outlay in equipment to feed both grain and dry hay, but it also:

  • Reduces the time taken to feed his cattle
  • Substantially reduces the cost of supplementary feeds. 
  • Eliminates the storage hassle associated with needing to store and keep dry both grain and hay 
  • Eliminates the high maintenance of grain feeding systems

Instead Rodger is pleased with the ease of use, cost savings, and low maintenance his Hustler bale feeder provides for his ranch. 


Rodger is particularly impressed with the build quality of the Hustler product, having previously owned another brand.