Feeding out every day for 13 years

Published 31st May 2012
New Zealand

At Satsuma Foods, every day of the year 4-6 round or square bales are fed out to some 900 cattle housed indoors in specially built sheds with one of the original Chainless 2000 bale feeders. 13 years down the track Satsuma purchased their second Chainless 2000 “without hesitation”. After having fed out more than 23,000 bales and with minimal maintenance carried out over that time and no breakdowns, the decision was easy, says the manager. The only majors we’ve had with this machine were due to human error, where operators have driven into the troughs or gates. As you can see, we’ve had some rough operators, he adds. He finishes off to say “We’ll come and see you in another 13 years for a new one!”



round bale feeder Self loading round bales on the Chainless X2400 tractor mounted