Who is the Lucky Winner of the Can-Am Pro Defender? Find Out Now!

Published 7th October 2020

The Can-Am Pro Defender has patiently been waiting in the Hustler HQ foyer for its new owner and today is the day – we just have drawn the winner! 

The promotion ran out September 30th and we hope you got yourself registered! All you needed to do is buy ANY Hustler Product and register your warranty to be in the draw automatically. We had a lot of entries and the Can-Am Defender HD8 Pro loaded with accessories worth $26,799 in Hustler MiNT green could be yours. 

So here we go. Turn up the volume and cross your fingers as Brent Currie, our  CEO, randomly draws a name: 


Congratulations! What an amazing prize to win. 

If you weren’t the lucky one this time, don’t be disappointed. Registering your warranty was still a great move!

By registering your warranty we can make sure you’re getting first-class product support. We hope you don’t experience any issues with your machine, however if you do happen to run into troubles our Customer Care team will be able to find the exact machine quicker, get parts to you faster or organise a repair near you. Even once you sell-on your Hustler machine, the next owner will profit from having the machine registered with us. 

Registering your warranty also means you recently purchased a Hustler product – congratulations! We hope it is letting you ‘Achieve More Every Day’, save time and ultimately save you money. Well done! 

Here is a quick overview of our qualifying Hustler Products. 

Hustler Bale Feeders 

Our bale feeders are known to be built tougher, more reliable, feed both round and square bales, maximize feed use, minimize feed waste, save you time and are a pleasure to use.

Check out our Bale Feeders here

Feedout Wagons

ONE Machine, All Types of Feed. Hustler’s Combi feedout wagons are designed for larger-scale farmers who rely on feeding a combination of silage, bales, root crops and a variety of supplementary feeds. Hustler’s Combi feedout wagons are built tough to withstand any punishment so you never have to worry about any downtime. The unique hydraulic tilting elevator design allows you to place the feed exactly where you want, be it into troughs, bunks, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture.

Check out our Feedout Wagons here.

Bale Handlers 

Whether handling round or square, small or big bales, Hustler bale handlers, with their patented features are designed to handle more bales with less deformation or damage, than any other bale grab, bale clamp or bale handler. Soft Hands® bale handlers are ready to fit your skid steer loader, tele-handler, or front end loader.

Check out our Bale Handlers here. 


With the industries best warranty, unique best in class agitation and mixing, Toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile tanks and FREE delivery, installation and training – with a Hustler boom sprayer, you’re covered.

Check out our Sprayers here

Tip Trailers

New Zealand’s best farmers have been asking for a strong trailer, with a long-lasting steel deck, reinforced sides that handle a beating from rocks, and a twist-resistant structure to prevent roll-over when tipping.

Check out our Tippers here.