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The Grain Feed system

Designed especially for feeding the grain directly onto the row of feed.  It is available in two sizes; 750kg grain tank for Super Comby, and 1000kg grain tank for Super Comby EX, Mega Comby and Silage Wagons. This invention eliminates the need for a separate spreading operation out in the field. Read More

Grain Trailers for Sale in Australia

There is nothing worse as a farmer than to feel that the money you have invested was wasted. Mistakes made by human error are forgivable, machine inadequacy is something that is not necessarily your doing but when all of these things combine it can lead to a loss of earnings throughout the year. The feeding process is one that is a huge culprit for a lot of waste on any farm. Fortunately, however, grain trailers are now for sale in Australia that affords the farmer a better approach that leads to a lot less waste.

At Hustler Equipment, we develop and manufacture great products for the ever-evolving demands and requirements of the agricultural industry. Just like you, we have looked at the machines and conveniences that are at our disposal and wondered if there isn’t a better way to do the routine work that is required every day. For 50 years, our collective team has fostered and implemented an approach to farming equipment that is innovation-centric. As such, you can always trust that when we release a new machine onto the market, it will do exactly what it promises to and will take your farming methods to the next level.

Versatility is one of the key elements of any piece of equipment that we made. We want you to have control over how you use your new assets and we want to ensure that you have every opportunity to reduce waste and consumption without losing weight gains. You save on time, get the job done and you will still have plenty of daylight left to attend to your other tasks.

Sustainable Innovation That Delivers Huge Savings

At Hustler Equipment, we understand that our products will engage directly with the environment. Each user that acquires one of our pieces of equipment will inevitably use it to further the production of animal products or reap the harvest that their land provides.

As such, as we seek to develop the best grain feed out trailer solutions available, we think about how best we can do this and simultaneously minimise the impact our efforts have on the environment.

While our work with and contributions to charitable organisations enables us to give back to the community and improve society as a whole, we also have one eye on what we can do to build toward a better, healthier future for the next generation of farmers and their families.

To this end, we have introduced world-class manufacturing facilities to help us achieve greater standards of efficiency during production. Our approach to future development is imbued with a desire to create equipment that requires fewer inputs and will have fewer emissions. We have made great strides toward cleaner solutions over the years and we continue to pursue this agenda and help you to do more.

Our Grain Trailer is An Investment That Guarantees Superior Returns

Here at Hustler Equipment, we have grown our business based on global demand. With over 10,000 machines currently working in the fields and more than 600 dealers around the globe providing our outstanding grain tipper trailers, among the many other products we create, this is evidence of the quality of what we manufacture and the trust that the agricultural community has in our brand.

When you invest in our machines you are guaranteed a much more efficient way to feed that will reduce your total waste and help you squeeze more profits from your efforts. When it comes to grain trailers in Australia, there truly is only one name that is worth your time and that’s Hustler.

Find a farm machinery dealer near you. Some of our popular locations include Tasmania, WA and other locations across Australia.

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Grain Feeding System

Combi CM136 Feedout Wagon helps survive 2 year drought at Bando Station


Grain Bin - Combi CM106 Hustler Australia

Feed Control

Feed control unit has a special auger with adjustable speed, which delivers a measured amount of grain on top of the feed, so the livestock get the correct amount and there’s less wastage

Time Saving

Eliminates the need for a separate trip to the field, and additional equipment for the spreading operation. This saves you time, equipment and fuel.

Grain Bin - Hustler feeding out
Grain Bin - Hustler feeding out Australia

Easy to Use

Operated from the comfort of your tractor seat using 12 volts off/on the control unit.

Made to Last

The grain tank is constructed from 3mm steel plate incorporating a full-length rain-proof lid which allows for filling with a bucket or from a hopper and has a powder coated finish.

Grain Bin Chute


Grain Bin - Combi CM106 Hustler

Easy to fit

The Grain Bin mounts easily on the side of any feed-out machine and can be operated from the tractor seat using 12 volts off/on the control unit. This versatile unit can be fitted in a matter of minutes to virtually any feed-out wagon or comes as an optional extra on Hustler Feedout Wagons.


This unit controls the special auger which delivers a measured amount of grain onto the row with.

Grain bin feeding out Grain
Grain bin Chute feeding out Grain

Distribution of Grain

The distribution of the grain is via a flexible stainless steel tube.


The grain tanks are constructed of 3mm steel plate incorporating a rain-proof lid and powder coated finish.

Grain Bin Attached to Combi Feeder
Grain Bin Gauge


The grain bin has a gauge so you know how much grain is still in there at any time.

What our customers are saying

“I’d definitely recommend a Super Comby if you’re looking to buy a feed wagon, we’ve had no issues at all feeding maize grain, palm kernel, maize silage, and baleage.”

Michael Groome, Hawke's Bay (New Zealand) - Super Comby/CM106

‚ÄúI was impressed with how it trails the grain across the top of the hay and with how much labour it takes out of the work‚ÄĚ

James Bishop, Mullaley (Australia) - Super Comby/CM106

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