Hustler’s New Swift Hitch provides the operator with better visibility, more manoeuvrability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch on the market which makes it easier to use, and saves your precious time.  And it doesn’t stop there… this 3 point linkage quick hitch also has the strongest latching system providing more safety and you’ll never need to get the grinder and welder out to replace a wear pad again!  Super Duty – rated to 20 tonnes.

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Matt Fryer, Hawkes Bay - SwiftHitch"A few of the key things we liked about SwiftHitch is the nice strong tongue, structure and design on it and really good visibility through the centre from the cab. It saves us a lot of frustration during the 2-3 months when feeding out and speeds the job up"

- Matt Fryer, Hawkes Bay - SwiftHitch - NZ

"The strength is really unbelievable, that's why

we choose Hustler's Swifthitch"

- Danny Devine - from South Island - New Zealand - Swift Hitch

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5 Key Benefits


Unique ‘V’ shape latch that guides the pin under the tow eye making it easier to connect when slightly off centre.


Best visibility on the market, with a clear view to the top of the pin and a high-visibility safety latch.


Full 90 degree turning provides more manoeuvrability than other hitches on the market.


Replaceable wear pad doesn’t require an engineering job to replace it.


Strongest latching system of any trailer quick hitch gives more safety.


Huge Lower Hitch Arm Clearance

Replaceable Bolt-in Wear Pad

Most other Quick Hitches on the market have wear pads that need to be cut off and re-welded on once worn out - this can be as frequent as once a year. Our replaceable bolt-in wear pad is simple to replace and saves you time and hassle.

Built to ISO Standard

Only hitch on the market that is built to ISO standard 3PTL mounts.

High Visibility Latch

High visibility see-through latch with pointer - contrasted in yellow for better visibility/safety and a built-in pointer which helps with lining up the towing eye.

Better Manoeuvrability

Allows full 90 degree turning when used with single post drawbar trailers - tightest turning angle of any hitch on the market, providing better manoeuvrability.

Easy to Store

Stands up on its own, making it easy to store, and connect to the tractor.

High Tensile Tow Pin

4140 tow pin for longer life - 50mm standard (Optional 40mm pin available)

Easy to Connect

Unique ‘V’ shape latch design that guides the pin under the towing eye making it easier to connect when slightly off centre.

Strongest/Safest Latching Mechanism on the Market

Latching mechanism/lever is protected inside the main uprights for protection from damage and to eliminate accidental disconnection.

Best Visibility on the Market

Cleanest and widest see-through tower on the market, and a clear view to the top of the pin.

Large Latch Pin

Largest latching pin 3/4” to provide more reliability and loading.

More Pin Cover

Latch covers more of the eye than others. Latch locks against the pin, making it impossible to accidentally disconnect, or a forced disconnection.

Specifications on Super Duty & Heavy Duty Swifthitch


  • Up to 20 tonne rating
  • 4140 tow pin – 50mm standard (optional 40mm pin available)
  • CAT 3, 3PTL clevis mounts
  • Replacable Bisalloy wearpad
  • 3/4″ Latching pin


  • Drawbar load 5,000kg
  • 50mm pin = 20 ton
  • 40mm pin = 15 ton


  • Up to 15 tonne rating
  • 4140 tow pin – 32mm standard (optional 40mm pin available)
  • CAT 2, 3PTL clevis mounts
  • Replacable Bisalloy wearpad
  • 3/4″ Latching pin


  • Drawbar load 4,000kg
  • 32mm pin = 10 ton
  • 40mm pin = 15 ton


Optional Extras

40mm Pin

40mm Towing Pin
The smaller 40mm towing pin is built to fit smaller towing eyes, is rated for loads up to 15 tons, and costs no extra - Simple specify your...



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