Round Bale Handlers

Whether handling round or square, small or big bales, Hustler bale handlers, with their patented features are designed to handle more bales with less deformation or damage, than any other bale grab, bale clamp or bale handler. Soft Hands® bale handlers are ready to fit your skid steer loader, tele-handler, or front end loader.Read More

Round Bale Grab For Sale in Australia

Whether it came about as a result of limitations in fabrication or if the design was not widely felt that it would create a positive stir in the market, sometimes truly great ideas take time to finally make it to the market. When they do the general response is a unified one that asks the same question – why didn’t anyone think of this before?

This is often the case where round hay bale handling equipment is concerned, particularly when farmers finally get to see the products made by the team here at Hustler Equipment and have the opportunity to use them.

We Manufacture Superior Round Hay Bale Handling Equipment

The difference between our company and our competitors is that we are a team that thrives on innovation. We are excited by the prospect and possibility of finding new ways to address old problems. Whether the equipment that is readily accessible in the market is good at what it does or not, our goal is to constantly interrogate how much better it could be made.

We have been working to serve the agricultural industry as best we can for over fifty years. We consistently deliver versatile machines and equipment that deliver superior results, create many more efficiencies and are reliable above all else. New does not mean hard to use where our team is concerned. We want to equip you with a solution that you can intuitively grasp quickly and then apply it profitably.

Our Rigorous Round Bale Grab Testing Process Leaves Nothing to Chance

A key part of the way that we work here at Hustler Equipment is our listening process. We believe in hearing what the farming community have to say about the round bale grabs currently for sale and learn from their experiences how best to make positive changes that will further enhance their effectiveness.

We appreciate that with each new generation of farmers, new thinking is something that should be catered to and embraced. As much as you want to find better, more sustainable ways to farm, we want to equip you with the tools, machines and equipment that will empower you to do build toward a better tomorrow.

There is little point in releasing new products unless they have the complete confidence of our team. To ensure that our machines meet the rigorous standards that we maintain, we put them through a testing process that is designed to afford the end-user absolute faith in their capacity to deliver on the promises that they were sold under.

Our round bale handling equipment must perform with all product types, sustain any fatigue, deliver exceptional reliance and durability and perform in every kind of application that they may be used for. We even use computer testing to deliver a product that will perform, last and add value. Nothing is left to chance because we want your investment to make a real, identifiable difference that will vindicate the money you spend.

We Understand Farmers’ Needs Better Than Anyone Else

At Hustler Equipment, we feel that we understand farmers’ needs better than anyone else. We send our machines around the world for testing, we currently have 10,000 machines working in the field, 600 dealers are delighted to supply their agri-customers with what we manufacture and our products bear the NZ fern mark licence.

So, if you want to acquire round bale handling equipment that is designed to function with simplicity and ease, and will enhance your ability to complete your work in a much more efficient way, then settle for nothing less than Hustler.

Find a farm machinery dealer near you. Some of our popular locations include Tasmania, WA and other locations across Australia.

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