Hustler’s 3-to-1 Rotor Advantage

This week, host Oli Brunton discusses some of the main features and benefits of Hustler’s patented 3-to-1 rotor system, which comes standard on all our Chainless bale feeders.


Welcome back everyone. Today, we’re going to be talking about our 3-to-1 rotor system on our Chainless machines. As you can see, the top drum is spinning three times faster than the bottom drum. On the bottom drum it has these paddles, and that helps it to spin the bail and keep it centralized. And on this top drum Instead of unrolling it in a thick bat it actually stretches the hay, to make it more fluffy and palatable for cattle to eat. With this design Lifting the platform up to the top drum will make it turn more. Lowering it down to the bottom drum will make it tease more. Taking a look under these polyethylene bearing covers we’ve got a 15-tooth sprocket on the top, a 45-tooth sprocket on the bottom, a self-tensioner here to keep that chain nice and tight. So on the other side here, you’re dropping down a gear for more grunt. And this is where the driver connects to the motor. Another highlight for this machine is how its gentle it is on the hay Allowing it to keep it 90 percent of its nutritional value. Thanks for watching Hit that like button or subscribe if you want to see more. See you in the next video.