Convert Large Round Bales with Hustler Chainless balefeeders

Published 6th March 2020
Australia New Zealand United States

Hustler’s Chainless SX105 bale feeder is the most simple and cost-effective solution to break down large round bales ready for re-baling into small square bales. Let us show you how!


Why should you rebale your hay?

Baling small (conventional) square bales can be very time consuming: you can’t drive your small square baler as fast as your round baler, and you need more time and staff to make and store them.

Hustler’s Chainless SX105 is the perfect machine for feeding your large bales into a conveyor belt or even directly into your small square baler, but any of our Chainless balefeeders can do the job – like the Chainless LM104 in the video above. The low speed hydraulic drives simply tear apart large round or square bales, converting them into up to 22 small square (conventional) bales in just minutes!

Increase the value of your hay

Let’s do some math: a large round bale can cost as little as $30, but once processed, it can be turned into as many as 22 small squares, valued at $3 or $4 each. Those little guys can be sold for as much as $88, which is $58 benefits per large round bale straight in you pocket!

Whether you are a large crew or a farmer by yourself, book that job in winter, during downtime period or when the demand for small square bale increased, and turn your hay into cash very easily.

CH SX105 LM104 rebaler 4



  • Preserve hay quality
  • Substantially reduce handling time
  • Eliminate hours of back-breaking labour
  • Increase the value of your hay
  • Get your hay done whilst the weather permits, rebale in the winter


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