Why did this Nebraskan Rancher Secure the Agency for Hustler’s Hydraulic Bale Processors?

Published 12th October 2018
United States

We meet up with Peter Pelster a Rancher and Farm Machinery Dealer from Nebraska to uncover why he quickly secured the Hustler agency for his area after running a Chainless X5000 Bale Processor on his own ranch…

Peter invested in Hustler’s X5000 Chainless bale processor 3 years ago to improve the feeding regime on his own ranch. Astonished by the amount of interest he had from neighboring ranches keen to try his machine, Peter took no chances on the opportunity to add Hustler to the range of equipment he sells, and soon became a local Hustler destination in the largest cattle state of America. It’s been over 3 years now since he switched from using a traditional PTO powered bale processor, a bale bed hay unroller and numerous hay rings which caused a lot of pasture damage and wasted tons of feed each year.


“I have found the Hustler to be better when

feeding silage and dry hay”


Find out what Peter has to say:


Peter concludes that “the windrow format is better than the traditional bale processors. Feeding with a bale bed or Bale unroller on a 3 point format causes the cattle to walk all over the windrow, damaging the hay, cattle often can’t get to the feed”. The Chainless X5000 Bale processor, because of the way it feeds out such a tight windrow the cattle follow it from behind and find a spot to feed without damaging or spoiling the silage or dry hay, reducing hay wastage and trampling.


“The biggest thing for me is that the Chainless X5000 is so silent. This is a significant advantage as it doesn’t disturb the cattle when you need to feed them they more relaxed as they don’t need to get used to the noise and especially when weaning calves”. The Hustler Bale processor does the same job you have been doing all along just better!

The old and the new Chainless 4000 and Chainless X5000

The Alfalfa is dramatically different when feeding out with a Hustler Bale processor in comparison to any other format you have seen. Retaining the high leaf matter keeping the alfalfa more nutritious for the cattle.


“I found the Hustler bale processor to be versatile”


With the ability to feed out 15 pounds to one cow/bull or horse and the feed out the rest to other livestock on your ranch is a great benefit as well as controlling the amount of feed whereas with a traditional bale unroller you would have to do this with a fork.