Soft Hands are the Proven Champ for Close Contact Bale Handling

Published 5th October 2018
New Zealand

We find out from Paul Bevan a beef farmer and contractor in the Hawkes Bay why he prefers the genuine Softhands® from Hustler over others and why’s he has not needed to update them in 5 years

Paul Bevan, running a small contracting operation and beef farm at the same time, leads a busy life for Paul still hard at it at his age. As you can imagine with his experience, he has learnt a thing or two over the years. One thing is not to compromise on equipment. On his 114-hectare beef farm, he buys in 275, 4-day old calves and keeps them through to yearlings. Paul makes his own balage for the winter which is mostly Lucerne grown on the farm, and although he’s in a drought-prone area most seasons he has a surplus supply of his own crop5 Years ago Paul invested in Hustler’s top of the range Mega Soft Hands to take care of his bale handling duties, which often are used throughout the year, not just in the forage season


So why does Paul prefer Soft Hands

The grab size, and the way they set up makes it easy to judge when using them in close contact with other bales which inevitability happens when you have been wrapping bales. As you can imagine some of the country side Paul bales on is rough and uneven. Which can make it difficult when baling 700-800kg bales, causing the bales to roll into each other. The Mega Softhands® handles this well with its Equalizer bar. They can manoeuvre them between the bales without causing any rips or tears. This is a significant concern for contractors, and that’s why Paul is so rapt with the Mega Soft Hands. 


“They have been proven to be extremely durable” 


Watch Paul’s story to see what he has to say about the Mega Softhands®



You’ll notice how much closer bales can be stacked with the Mega’s which eliminates the need for double entry to press bales up tight against each other.



“We have never had a failure with our Hustler gear”


Paul’s soft hands are well used as you can see by the ink worn off the decals, these hands get a good work out both inside and out, and is a testament to what Paul says “they don’t rip or tear bales”. 


Using the Hustler bale handlers to stack balage for over 5 years Paul couldn’t be happier. What appeals to him is how easy the bale huggers have been to use. The design means he doesn’t need to spend much time teaching staff how to use the grabs so as not to rip or tear bales, “but I don’t how they did that but works, it’s excellent”, and they’re much easier to use. These bale clamps use a euro hitch system, making them an asset to his operation


“My clients have observed my operation working

with these bale grabs and have invested in a set of their own. They’re great!”