Bale Feeder Provides Huge Work Relief on Austrian Farms

Published 14th September 2018

We visit a farmer located in Fischbach, Austria, to find out how his Hustler SL360X bale unroller has given an enormous work relief on his farm. 

Seventy percent of Austria’s countryside is covered by mountains which by no doubt the tourism industry is making use of those topographic conditions. To maintain the lush pastures in the summer and ski slopes in the winter, farming in mountainous areas is of crucial importance.

Two-thirds of Austria’s 165,000 farms are located in the alpine mountains, where rearing cattle or sheep are most popular. While producing dairy products and beef, the Austrian “mountain” farmers also take over the task of maintaining and preserving the pastures of the Alps.


With agriculture playing an essential role in Austria’s economy going far beyond the production of food. 

Being in the farming and forestry business with 56 hectares of which 16 hectares is usable agricultural area and the other 40 hectares is forest. Add milk production of 30 dairy cows which are a mix between, Simmental, Holstein cattle. Whilst 56 hectares and just 30 cows sounds like a small farm, with his cattle indoor most of the year, he’s needs to make and feed 600 to 700 bales each year. 


“We do wood work in the winter, coming home

at night to feed cows with a fork is not pleasant”



Before investing in a Hustler SL360X bale unroller, he uses to do all the unrolling of the bales with the front end loader and a pitch fork which was time-consuming and labour intensive. 

So our farmer got in touch with the local accredited Hustler dealer, Sommersguter GmbH, who came and did a demo on his farm with Hustler’s toughest chain feeder. Seeing the great benefits it would have on his labour relief and time-saving, it was a no-brainer for him to go with the SL360X round bale feeder.


“I am very Satisfied with my Hustler”

He has had his Bale feeder now for 2 years and has never needed repairs or experienced any difficulties. With the amount of time, labour and costs his Hustler has saved him on the farm, they have been able to build a second feed table, so they can feed both sides at the same time, saving even more time and labour!