Deer farmer finds the perfect bale feeder for round bales

Published 20th July 2018
New Zealand

After already having run four Hustler bale feeders, last year Tom May, a Deer farmer from Winton upgraded his bale feeder. Which was the best for his round Lucerne balage bales? 

Tom feeds a variety of bales, depending on what he can source from his local contractor although mostly round balage he needed a machine that could handle whatever bale he could purchase when feed supplies come under pressure during dry periods. Most of all he wanted the best feeder for his lucerne balage to make his life easier. 


“You won’t better these kinds of feed out wagons

for round bales. Definitely” 


Having looked at what was on the market, Tom settled for the Chainless X2500, the biggest in the linkage range which can handle up to 5 foot wide, 1250kg bales. The extra room in the bale chamber and an extra set of rotors meant, for that, there is more aggression for pulling the lucerne apart, and if the bales fall apart the edges land in the chamber and aren’t wasted.

See what Tom has to say about it in this video: