Another World First from Hustler

Published 8th April 2018
New Zealand

Yep, that’s right the World leader in livestock feeding solutions, has innovated again, with the release of our new Touch X control system which utilities 3D printed components, at a production-grade! 

Welcome, Touch X!

Touch X is a simple new control system for farmers who want to utilise the benefits of front loader mounted feeding out, and the benefits of our World leading Chainless round & square bale feeder. It’s a simple, cost-effective, plug-n-play solution to allow dual hydraulic functions from a single set of hydraulic remotes at the Touch of a button.

As we know most tractors these days have at least two or more sets of hydraulic remotes but at the front of most front-end-loader, telehandlers or skid steer loaders there’s only a single set, which eliminated the possibility of utilising dual function attachments on the loader… until now!

In the past, the cost of plumbing in a second set of hydraulics had been too cost and time prohibitive. 


So with our Chainless X Series needing 2 sets of hydraulics to operate the machine, Touch X utilises a hydraulic diverter value, and connects to the cigarette plug in any tractor, telehandler, front loader and allows the operator to switch hydraulic functions at the Touch of a button! 


In order to make Touch X user-friendly, and eliminate costly setup we spent countless hours with operators perfecting the user interface to ensure natural operation on a wide variety of loaders, tractors and telehandlers. To manufacture this product, at scale and to design, the most effective solution was to innovate our manufacturing process using a selective laser sintering 3D printer to manufacture the unique design of the switch housing for the Touch X kit having the switch fit comfortably on a joystick of any loader, making it easy to mount and use! 

Having the ability to operate both platform and rotors, the Touch X gives us infinite variation in feed control, allows you to feed thick for cattle, thin for sheep to increase feed palatability for your stock.


And our innovation doesn’t stop there! At Hustler we are always re-thinking the every day for our farmers, making their lives easier and efficient, saving time and money.

Watch this space as our new products and models unfold…