17 Years of Hustler DNA Bred Into Two New Chainless Bale Feeders Just Released

Published 4th December 2017

When it comes to breeding cattle, retaining genetics is all important. The latest release of two new Chainless bale feeders is no exception. We’ve injected over 17 years of solid customer feedback into our cutting edge new family. It’s no wonder Hustler’s X Series feeders are proving a game changer for livestock farmers.

This completes our mounted range in the Chainless Family, the only true round and square bale feeders on the market. We’ve now added:

  • The addition of Chainless X2000, which is budget friendly, and succeeds New Zealand’s most popular bale feeder, the Chainless 2000. 
  • The Chainless X2400 which is a compact version of our popular X2500 for smaller tractors, and indoor feeding.  It features our patented Snaplox auto connection system, and is loader and tractor friendly making it one seriously compact and versatile piece of kit.

Chainless X2 Family layout.jpg

The Chainless Advantage:

What can the new Chainless do? We think, the more appropriate question may be, what can’t the new X Series do. When it comes to feeding bales to cattle nothing is as versatile as the new X Series Chainless feeders.


Feed any bale. Every bale. 

No matter what bales you make or can buy in tough times, your Chainless feeder won’t let you down! Yes after 17 years of feedback there’s been a change or two that we’ve experienced with balers, wrapping technology, forages, moisture and much more. When we set out to develop the revolutionary X Series Chainless feeders, we wanted it to handle the soggiest of wet short chop balage bales without plugging up and the tightest of high density hay bales without rolling around for what seems like forever in a conventional chain type cradle feeder. The X Series achieves both and everything in between!

Scott Clearwater says his new Chainless X Series handles pit silage like bales

Chainless feeds every bale.jpg

Massive time savings!

Fence-line feeding is a real game changer in time and feed savings for you. The new design allows the Chainless X2400 to be front loader mounted, and the massive side reach the allows the operator to drive along a fence-line feeding the windrow into the field without needing to get out to open and shut gates. This provides three benefits: 

  1. Huge labour savings – just imagine not needing to open gates anymore when feeding out!
  2. Eliminates any trampling of the hay, because it’s fed up against the fence-line
  3. Improved operator safety because the operator no longer needs to enter the field with the cattle

Feeding square bales over a fence.jpg

Unbeatable versatility.

Now you can mount a round and square bale feeder to the 3 point linkage of your tractor, or the front loader or even skid steer loaders and telehandlers! No matter which equipment you buy for your farm down the track the Chainless X2400 will work with it. And our new option Wireless Touch Feed kit makes it easy to operate when there’s only 1 set of auxiliary hydraulics.

Showing versatility of being able to mount the new Chainless X2400 bale feeder on the front or back

2017-12-04 15.22.57.jpg

Easy to use Snaplox system

First introduced on the award winning SL360X bale feeder, then the Chainless X2500, Snaplox is now available on the Chainless X2400 which simplifies farmers’ lives, eliminates strained backs or smashed rear windows and makes operation so much easier. The Chainless X2000 is also available with the conventional rope pull disconnection. 


Bigger platform

We’ve made the platform longer and deeper to handle bigger bales, and reduce the possibility of feed falling off during transport. There is an optional platform extension for larger 8′ (2.5m) long bales.

Platform Extension (9).jpg

3-in-1 bale feeder/trough feeder/tub grinder

No need to invest in an expensive trough feeder, which is clumsy during transport or when operating in sheds, the new Chainless X Series has 38% more side reach, plus you can add the optional side chute for even more reach, and 50% more discharge height clearance. This makes it incredibly versatile for trough feeding, feeding into hay racks and just general feeding out in the pasture.

The Chainless X2400 can also take the place of a ordinary tub grinder, substantially reducing the time it takes to mix rations when using bales in a TMR and allowing the operator to measure the exact amount of hay into the mix simplifying ration calculations.

Trough feeding-1.jpg

Budget friendly

Don’t need all the bell’s-n-whistles, no problem! The Chainless X2000 is a lower cost unit designed for general feeding out in the field or indoors, is 3 point linkage for tractor use only and is capable of trough feeding and is loaded with Hustler DNA such as the 4 year warranty and rated for 1000kg (2200lb) bales. Or if you want maximum versatility or need to mount it on a loader we have the ultimate feeder, the Chainless X2400 is the most versatile bale feeder on the planet!

And this is what one of our test farmers had to say:


“Absolutely love the new feeder, my wife
wanted to weld it to the tractor!”