7 Amazing Bale Art Creations

Published 4th October 2017
New Zealand

Are bales really just for feeding livestock? Well, that’s not what these creative farmers had time for, take a look at these amazing bale art creations for all ages…

Why make bale creations?

Like the #wrapinpink pink bale wrap program, run by Agpac and Sweet Louise to build awareness and support those diagnosed with incurable breast cancer, bale art is another great way to express the causes you support and fight for.


Or even to promote an event, express your culture or even a great way to stand out from the crowd if you’re a hay or balage contractor, and get people talking about your company if you’re needing a bit more local exposure for your services! Here are some cool examples:

1. Tractor Pull

Who doesn’t like watching the tractor pull? Here’s a cool creation put together by Wyatt Vincent from turning discarded hay bales into sculptures

Bale art 1.jpg

2. Add some personality

This has to be the easiest way to spice up a bit of life on the farm, and express some personality to get everyone talking. 

Bale art (2).jpg

3. Minions

It would be safe to say that one of the most popular bale art creations would feature Minions in some shape or form. 


4. Piggy bank

For the number crunchers on the farm, you may want to add this creation as a reminder to keep staff focused on the bottom-line.


5. Emoji

How about using your favourite emoji, or create a few to place in front of your employee’s vehicle when they make a fateful move 😉 


6. Guard dog

This is probably the least effective guard dog you could think of, but it is quite well done.


7. Giant cow

Express your inner #dairylove with a giant Friesian by your road side entry.

What will you need to make your own?
  • Creativity, and outside-the-box thinking
  • Plenty of paint – Spray paint works best, but you’ll need heaps of it
  • Hustler Softhands, provide the most control, and best dexterity, making precise bale placement easy

Made your own, or seen some cool bale art creations? Share or comment below