Californian Organic Dairy Farm Relies on Hustler Feeder Everyday

Published 29th September 2017
United States

Mike Moretti, an organic dairy farmer in Tomales, California, purchased his Chainless X5000 around 18 months ago and has used it every day since. Find out what he has to say…Recently we visited Mike to see what impact  the Chainless X5000 had on Mike’s Organic Dairy farming operation, after having been using it for 18 months. Mike is feeding large square balage and large and small dry hay square bales. 


Mike’s situation

Before Mike invested in the Hustler Bale Processor, feeding his dairy herd and support stock was a 2 person job that needed to be done almost every day, and there was a lot of wasted hay. Since investing in the Hustler bale feeder, it’s enabled him to cut that back to a one person job and it’s saving him hay. 


“we used to take two guys to go out and feed hay,

now we can do it with one employee or myself”


Mike, his son and Gary Petersen Jnr from local Accredited Hustler Dealer, Garton Tractor, California’s premier New Holland and Kubota dealership chain with 10 locations.

Watch the video to see what Mike has to say.