Pit Silage Like Bales Feed Perfectly in Chainless X2500 Bale Feeder

Published 20th July 2017
New Zealand

When Scott Clearwater, a Sheep & Beef farmer in Palmerston, Otago, asked his contractor to make his balage bale as fine chop as possible, he didn’t realise the size of his windrow would be too big for feeding sheep… 

Scott predominately farms sheep, and getting a nice narrow, clump free windrow is very important for getting good utilisation of balage when feeding sheep, so they can all access the balage. The secret to a minimising over feeding and wastage with sheep, is to string out the windrow so the sheep only have access to what they need in front of them and not more than they need, this means all the sheep get access to feed at the same time resulting in more equalised portions and less over-feeding. 
Chainless vs X SERIES Chainless
What Scott discovered with his 2 year old Chainless 2000, was that the finer chopped balage would feed out in a thicker windrow and tend to clump too much for his liking.
Understanding the importance of windrow consistency, Scott decided to give the new Chainless ‘X SERIES’ feeding system a go with a demonstration, and was blown away with the difference it made to both the consistency and control over the windrow, but also the ease of operation in achieving the tidy windrow. 
In fact Scott was so rapt with how much better the ‘X SERIES’ Chainless feeders are that the Chainless X2500 bale feeder never left his farm!
“The bale I fed out this morning pretty much looked
like fine pit silage, and it fed it out perfectly”


Scott is also really enjoying the patented Snaplox connection system and it’s ease of operation when connecting and disconnecting the self-loading system and the feeding cradle together. No longer does he need to open the window on those cold snowy mornings to unlatch.

So take a look at what Scott has to say: 


The ‘X SERIES’ Chainless advantage is available in both Trailed – the Chainless X5000 trailed 2 bale feeder, and Mounted – the Chainless X2500 bale processor, now with the patented Snaplox connection system that can be mounted on a front end loader. 

So book a demonstration with your ugliest bales

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