Close Shave Prompts Part Time Farmer to Invest in Hustler Bale Feeder

Published 10th July 2017
New Zealand

David & Tracey Cotton own a 200 hectare sheep & beef property just north of Wanganui overlooking the Tasman Sea. David was feeding out the old-fashioned way when he had a very close shave, which prompted him to take action on his friend’s recommendations to invest in a Hustler bale feeder

They lead a busy life with Tracey running the farm, and two main businesses are working as an independent livestock agent and real estate agent, David reports. “When you are a self-employed agent time is money and we are always looking to improve our time management in addition to our businesses. I was voted onto the Horizons Regional Council four years ago and am now serving my second term”.


“Tracey sent me off to town to buy a Hustler

and now I regret not buying one years ago


“I had farming friends that recommended we buy a Hustler but it was a month ago when I was feeding out my old way with a bale on the forks of the tractor taking it to the side of the hill and flicking it off to roll down the hill when the bale stuck to the forks of the tractor and the flicking motion pulled the tractor over the hill. “This is a great way to get your heart rate up to 150 in 10 seconds. Tracey sent me off to town to buy a Hustler and now I regret not buying one years ago.”

The hillside David slid down – it could have ended a whole lot worse.



The Hustler has ticked three important boxes:

1 / Saving me 35 percent in time to feed out 

2/  Far less wastage, easy to feed out part bale and easy to use 

3/  Health and Safety

David also passes on a thank you to Tim Van Berlo from Maber Motors, an Accredited Hustler Dealer, for his help and advice when purchasing his new Bale Feeder.

David Cotton, with his life saver, the Hustler SL350 Bale Feeder

David Cotton.jpg

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