This farmer feeds baled silage to his cattle in 6 minutes

Published 12th May 2017
United Kingdom

In the beautiful rolling countryside of Dunblaine, Scotland, Jason Hodgson, originally from New Zealand runs a very tidy farming operation, finishing 200 cattle per year… 


Jason couldn’t justify a mixer wagon “churning away and burning diesel” so he went for the Hustler SL350 bale feeder which he purchased some 8 months ago. Jason is very happy with his decision to go for the Hustler which has cut down the labour and hassle of feeding his cattle 500 silage bales each year. 


Jason comments on how another farmer who came to buy cattle was so impressed he went home and ordered one for himself!




He liked the versatility of the feeder and its ability to unroll his straw bales inside the shed, saving him hours of work when bedding down the sheds before his cattle move indoors for the winter. 


Jason is impressed with the simplicity of the design, and the small amount of moving parts which makes it very easy to maintain and there’s very little to go wrong or disrupt his feeding program. 



“It’s usually about 6 minutes to fully feed

a bale and unwrap it


Hustler build the world’s most innovative bale unrollers and bale feeders for both, the SL350, SL300X, SL360X and Chainless X2500 are just a few models available in the mounted bale feeder range.

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