Hustler’s New Work Horse Bale Feeder Has Arrived!

Published 20th April 2017
New Zealand

Following demand for Hustler dependability at a range of price-points, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new work-horse of bale feeders, the SL300X. Watch the video to see what Managing Director, Steve Currie has to say…
The SL300X a no-nonsense bale feeder that delivers Hustler dependability without the bells and whistles of its innovative big brother, the SL360X

The new SL300X is a machine simply designed to do all the basics brilliantly and replaces the popular SL350 three-point linkage bale feeder, the result is an improved feeder that is functional and versatile and gets the job done without a fuss. Everyday. 


“For the design team working on the SL300X,

it’s been a case of nice-to-have versus need-to-have.”


Here’s a snapshot of what to expect: 

  1. Three-point linkage and loader ready. A new headstock design with bolt-on brackets allows the SL300X to be mounted on the front or rear of a tractor or loader. It can also be offset to allow more tyre clearance when feeding into bunks or troughs. 
  2. High mounted dual connection latches eliminate twisting and allow the feeder to handle heavier bales by taking the load off the cradle and the bale spears. 
  3. The toughest bars and chain on the market. Bullet proof 12,000lb roller chains with 40mm zinc plated bars will last the lifetime of the feeder. Bars are bolted to the chain to create a stronger, easily replaceable system. 
  4. A tough new thermoform fully enclosed polyethylene floor that’s non-corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery and shock resistant and covers the drive shafts eliminating any build-up of material or jamming.
  5. Low maintenance. Fully sealed block bearings are mounted externally to keep them clean and away from damaging acidic silage juices. The only maintenance required is the greasing of four nipples.
  6. Forged bale spears that pierce the bale rather than pushing it making loading bale easier.


While the SL300X has been designed with simplicity in mind, don’t think for a moment there have been any compromises on the build quality that has earned Hustler a reputation for making the toughest bale feeders on the market, it’s loaded with the same Hustler DNA such as our class leading 4 Year Warranty.




To learn more about Hustler bale feeders or the new SL300X, or to book a demonstration on your farm contact your Local Accredited Hustler Dealer or call Hustler’s Field Consultants