Cecilia Finds Her SL700X Easy Peasy after Feeding 1800 Bales

Published 19th April 2017
New Zealand

Rerewhakaaitu Deer farmers, Dougal and Cecilia Simmonds are very pleased with the countless hours and frustration their 2-year-old Hustler SL700X bale feeder has saved them, since it replaced an old silage wagon…

Cecilia is doing all the feeding out on their large scale operation and has been amazed with amount of time it has saved them not having to battle the tight Lucerne baleage in a silage wagon. Being able to get an even spread in the paddocks, it has helped with boosting weight gains, making bales go further with an even windrow and ensuring every hungry mouth gets a feed.


“It is very balanced on hill sides, great

how it has a swivel eye and very manoeuvrable.

Easy peasy to put on and take off”


The dogs were keen to get in the shot with Cecilia and her hearty SL700X

Cecilia Simmons finds her SL700X easy peasy to operate.jpg


Their farm, being quite long and skinny, means a lot of on road and track work and the Hearty Hustler bale feeder has stood the test of time, Dougal and Cecilia being at the high end of bale feeder users have commented on the low maintenance and there has just been nothing to go wrong!


“It’s an awesome machine and I look forward

to feeding out with it again soon.”


Cecilia also commented on how she’s found “the bale feeder has minimised feed wastage and trampling due to those even windrows”. Being kitted with the optional mudguards and string box, the trusty SL700X has made her everyday life a whole lot easier.

Dougal Simmons and his hearty SL700X bale feeder.jpg