Irish dealer loving new SL360X

Published 22nd November 2016

Northern Ireland dealer Henry Porter Tractors is rapt with Hustler’s innovative new SL360X bale feeder as tested by Landwirt, and is already proving the benefits of the new design with demand going through the roof!

Having the longest standing reputation in the bale unroller market, Hustler invented the bale unroller back in the 1970’s, and with many years of experience in the field and many innovations cementing Hustler’s leadership in the market, the new SL360X is no exception…


3 Innovations that are gaining the attention of Irish farmers:


1. Snaplox – Hustler’s patented automatic connect/disconnect system.

One of the fundamental benefits of a bale unroller for Irish farmers is the reduction of the back-breaking work of graiping or pitch forking bales.

Snaplox takes this benefit to a whole new level, eliminating the back-breaking work, such as having to twist your back and tug on a rope to disconnect the feeding cradle from the headstock and loading tynes. This patented connection system is unique to Hustler, is fool-proof and makes operation safe and effortless, especially for older farmers. 


2. 360o Connect – Connect the headstock to the feeding cradle from either end.

Manoeuvrability is a very important factor for Irish farmers especially when loading in tight spaces and feeding in passageways.

360o Connect allows the operator to connect the headstock and loading tynes from either end of the feeding cradle, so that the operator can load the feeder from either end, without the need to U-turn the tractor to reconnect. This makes loading quicker and easier, and is a huge advancement in manoeuvrability around the yard. 

Dealer principal, Henry Porter is rapt with the new SL360X


3. Flexible Design – Loader mount, Feed Silage & Beet, Sideshift, 

Irish farmers have always wanted to future-proof their operation.

By designing the SL360X with a scalable architecture, has enabled us to create one machine that adapts to each and every livestock farm as and when the needs change. This has created a major breakthrough for our dealers for stocking and aftersales support, and for versatility and adaptability for farmers, such as:

  • Farmers can purchase the SL360X for their tractor, and if they upgrade to a telehandler down the track they can simply purchase the bolt on quick hitch mounts, without needing to purchase a whole new bale unroller
  • Snaplox eliminates the need for farmers to add a second auxiliary hydraulic function to their telehandler for connecting/disconnecting for loading. 
  • Farmers can purchase bolt-in fences for the front, rear or both, should their operation change or get caught short on feed supplies and need to feed out a small amount of silage or beet
  • The design has an integrated sideshift feature which allows farmers to customise the machine to better suit their passageway design. 

These are just a few of the unique features that has cemented Hustler at the top of the pack in the bale unroller market globally alone with many other point which the name Hustler has become synonymous with. 


Renowned for quality

Hustler products are renowned for their build quality and finish, strength and reliability, for example, the chain system that Hustler uses has double the strength as the nearest competitor, and not only that, but the chain rollers are a larger 40mm diameter which means each roller rotates 37% less than on competing brands, reducing wear, increasing life and eliminating the need for frequent adjustment of the chains. Hustler’s RHS cross bars provide 4-5 times more torsional strength than competing brands, which is especially important when handling heavy saggy silage bales. The new SL360X bale feeder has been beefed up, tested on our machine destroyer and we’re pleased to be able to rate the new feeder to handle 1250kg bales, and back it up with our full 2 year warranty. 


To learn more about Hustler bale feeders, or to book a demonstration on your farm contact Henry Porter Tractors in the North or Johnson Farm Equipment in the South or call Hustler’s European field consultant.