The Feedout Wagon Indent Deal You Cannot Afford To Miss

Published 3rd November 2016

Take a look at these videos from some recent demonstrations of Hustler’s new Comby feeder range. Looking for a new Silage Wagon or Multi feeder for next season? There’s never been a better time to book one in now with this new deal. Take a look to see why…

Videos are great, but we have demonstrator units available so you can experience first hand how a Comby compares to a Silage Wagon before making up your mind. 

Don’t take it from us, take a look here to see what our customers are saying. 

Indent Feedout Wagon Promotion- 

With next year’s production filling up fast, we’re incentivising early orders for Silage Wagons, Comby Feeders and Multi Feeders with fixed delivery dates, delayed payments, flexible finance options and a seriously good deal!  So if you’re in the market for a Wagon of any shape or size for next year give our Field Consultants a call, or send us a message in the form and we’ll call you to discuss the promotion you simply cannot afford to miss! 




Pit silage, Root crops, Food waste, Round and Square bales.


And most reliable, at a deal you cannot afford to miss!