More bang for your buck Part 3: No hidden costs

Published 3rd November 2016
Pasture and Soil

The last thing you want or should have to worry about when launching out into your own spraying, is to be left in the lurch or socked with some hidden costs! When you choose a Hustler we make it simple. For 1. We use a fully trained, Hustler Accredited Dealer, not a merchandise store. And 2. No hidden costs such as freight for example…

1. No Hidden costs. 

With every Hustler sprayer, we make it easy, there are no additional freight charges or set up costs that you’ll need to worry about, we take the hassle away from the deal, so you can focus on getting your spraying done, and on time.

*Source: National Competitive Research Analysis August 2016

2. Free Install and Support.

We understand that sometimes spraying can be a daunting task, especially when starting out. So with every Hustler sprayer we make it quick and easy to get started. We use only trained dealers, who assist in getting you up and on your feet, fast, so there’s no downtime. And if there is ever an issue in the field you can be rest assured that you’re taken care of with our industry leading 4 Year Warranty and a qualified dealer nearby that knows how to get you up and running fast.

  • No merchansie hands-off stores who sell from a brochure
  • No lengthy authority channels should something go wrong.

3. Built to suit you.

There’s nothing worse than having your new sprayer dropped off, only to find that it’s not quite suited to your spraying needs. We take care to ensure we understand your needs better than anyone else, so that we can custom build and deliver your new sprayer that is exactly suited to your current and future needs, with everything you need, but without needing to pay for options you’ll never use.


Here’s Katipo being delivered and set up for another happy Katipo owner, spec’d as follows

  • Katipo 890 litre capacity tank
  • 8 metre manual folding DuraBoom
  • 3 Section manual controls
  • MixMax agitation system
  • 50 metre bi-directional hose reel
  • 10m remote filling hose
  • 100 litre QuickFlush flushing tank
  • Dual sized 20 litre foam marker

A katipo 890 being delivered to another very happy customer, this time an 890 with 8 metre boom and 50 metre hose reel.jpg


Watch the video below and see our equipment in action.

What customers are saying about Katipo?

Wayne Hill, of Te Kuiti is rapt with his new Katipo sprayer. Wayne runs a 20,000 stock unit sheep and beef farm and sprays around 700 hectare each year of pasture and thistle spraying. Operator Tony Van Der Drift says ʺthe Katipo replaces a 400 litre Silvan which broke every time we used it.ʺ Tony highly recommends the Katipo 890 which is spec’d with all the fruit – NZ’s toughest the 8 metre Duraboom, 3 section electric controls, GPS guidance, flushing tanks and a storage box which allows him to take the chemical out on the job. A very nice bit of kit! – Sheep & Beef Farmer, Te Kuiti, New Zealand. Katipo 890

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Why a Hustler?

Hustler has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. We combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks. All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, when they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.

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