More bang for your buck Part 2; Ultimate Agitation

Published 27th October 2016
Pasture and Soil


Did you know? To eliminate stripey paddocks, and patchey application Hustler used the latest CAD flow simulation technology to create the ultimate tank shape for perfect mixing of fluid throughout the tank eliminating dead spots… and combined with Hustler’s unique MixMaxTM adjustable agitation system which is infinitely adjsutable, no other sprayer on the market offers such application flexibility or consistency as Katipo


MixMaxTM is infinitley adjustable allowing you thoroughly and consistently mix the thickest of powders or fertilisers without settling and foamiest sprays without filling your tank with foam. Giving you the Best-of-both-worlds! 

Compare Agitation Flows with the Nearest Competitors.

Traditional Venturi agitators used by other brands worked well for general chemical spraying. To apply liquid fertilisers or powers effectivley you need maximum agitation and the flexibility to adjust for foamy chemicals, that’s why we developed MixMaxTM

  • White bar shows MaxMax agitation at it’s Lowest Agitation level
  • Yellow bar shows MixMax at it’s Highest Agitation level


*Source: National Competitive Research Analysis August 2016

Tank Shape

The unique shape design of the Katipo provides a major break-through in application consistency, which is especially important when applying chemicals to high value crops such as fodder-beet, and that’s why Hustler has gained Design Protection on the shape and mixing efficiency. 

To achieve such a break-through required utilising the latest computer generated flow simulation and a lot of trial-and-error, but we’ve created the perfect flow of liquid within the tank and combined with our new optional MixMaxTM technology you can be assured that your solution is mixed, and stays mixed. 

Take a look at this agitation velocity comparison with Katipo and it’s nearest competitor – Dark blue is stagnant at 0.000 m/s



Watch the video below and be amazed of the many features of Katipo, including agitation flows.

What customers are saying about Katipo?

Wayne Hill, of Te Kuiti is rapt with his new Katipo sprayer. Wayne runs a 20,000 stock unit sheep and beef farm and sprays around 700 hectare each year of pasture and thistle spraying. Operator Tony Van Der Drift says ʺthe Katipo replaces a 400 litre Silvan which broke every time we used it.ʺ Tony highly recommends the Katipo 890 which is spec’d with all the fruit – NZ’s toughest the 8 metre Duraboom, 3 section electric controls, GPS guidance, flushing tanks and a storage box which allows him to take the chemical out on the job. A very nice bit of kit! – Sheep & Beef Farmer, Te Kuiti, New Zealand. Katipo 890

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Why a Hustler?

Hustler has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. We combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks. All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, when they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.


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