More Than Meets The Eye : Hustler’s Other Products

Published 21st June 2016
New Zealand

It is quite noticeable that Hustler Equipment prides itself of its EXCELLENT range of bale feeders. Being the flagship product, the exceptional bale feeder has already satisfied so many customers around the world.

Whether a farmer is feeding bales, round or squares, or wanting a machine to bed hay or straw, Hustler has the equipment for it! Whether you are wanting a simple yet heavy duty bale feeder or a more complex machine to handle any form of bale, Hustler has got the range covered.

BUT wait, it does not stop there!

Hustler has MANY MORE PRODUCTS in its catalog that are sure to help farmers make their farming lives easier and more convenient!

Some other products include great bale handlers, boom sprayers, and more!

Check out some of Hustler’s innovative products below:


The same quality and amazing features can be expected in all products – whether big or small.

All of Hustler’s products undergo a grueling test program so they are built to a high standard plus they are reinforced by a comprehensive two-year warranty.

Many competitors try to duplicate Hustler’s outstanding products but the new globally patented design with its high level of expertise and constant drive for innovation and excellence, nothing will compare to the original. Only Hustler products will give you your money’s worth and more!


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